Nothing 1967

My first track for quite a while. This one for KVR’s One Synth Challenge #95. You can read submissions and comments here.

I haven’t done one of these for a few years and this one was a bit challenging, considering that the VST HY-Mono has no presets. At least none that I could find. What I did was find a randomize button. I opened 12 empty MIDI channels in Ableton Live and added an instance of HY-Mono to each channel. Then I hit the randomize button for each channel and played whatever I could on my computer keyboard – sticking to the ASDFGHJK keys only (my MIDI player isn’t set up). This means that everything is in the key of C major.

You’ll see from the notes in this score just how I have changed the track as we have about a month where we can tweak it before submissions are set in stone.

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