Dead Eddy are Ed, Dan, Ben and a mighty horde of collaborators. Currently, most of these collaborators are the genii who created the audio software we use (most of it Free or Demo VSTi Software) – but we are encouraging our musically minded friends to drop some strums, blips and bleeps into our musical pot.

Who Was Eddy?


Eddie (no ‘y’) Lynch was Ed’s Dad and Dan’s In-Law Dad.

He was also the most prolific gig player you’d ever encounter with more than 1700 spots under his belt over a 10 year period. Music was his passion and it was a passion which brightened the day of any who saw him perform. Whether it be at the local aged-care facility, a wedding, or the Town Halls of Perth, Liverpool and Fremantle – whether it be an old Beatles standard, one of his own or a skipping song from the playgrounds of Olde England, Eddie was a performer who connected with his audience.

Why "Dead Eddy"?

During the difficult last months of Eddy’s life, Ed and Dan both rediscovered their musical tones and resolved to collaborate and produce. Eddy’s death was the catalyst that set us off. The tongue-in-cheek Dead Eddy is a cool reminder and tribute to the die-hard Muso that inspired us into being.

Eddy would have laughed and called us “cheeky little buggers” before getting to the business of kicking in with a C – G – D – chord progression.

Summarial Cathartic Poem

  • We met a long time ago.
  • We made music.
  • We stopped.
  • We got jobs.
  • Some of us married.
  • People died.
  • Others were born.
  • And now we make music.
  • Again.

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