Talking Glass

This is an ambient piece I almost made. It was automatically generated by tweaking preset states on Audio Damage’s new synth / sequencer Axon. I like how that synth can create almost structureless music based on thirds. There are 3 channels. I pushed the first percussive channel through Galbanum’s Aether reverb plugin, so it’s kind of an expensive track but with AU$1=US$1 I had to treat myself to Axon (US$59). Definitely my cup of tea.

Play this lightly in the background at your evening soiree or if you’re an insomniac, let it play quietly as you try to sleep. If you listen carefully, you will hear voices.


This is another piece made for KVR’s One Synth Challenge.

I originally wrote this piece about a dying sunflower, but it became more sci-fi as it progressed. Now it’s a piece about space cargo vessel, “Sunflower”.

Having issued a Mayday distress call 1 year ago and without fuel (but plenty of supplies) the crew are nervous. For the last 6 months, alien entities made from light are breaching the vessel’s armour and hissing unintelligibly on the deep space radio. But nobody understands what they want or why they are here. Help may never come. One crew member has found and is learning to play a wooden saxophone.