Virtual Instruments

Some VSTs are sold but not supported, so one has to tread very carefully and read all the forums about a product before purchasing. Look into how the company supports a product because nine times out of ten, the software will need upgrading as soon as it’s installed – if you are lucky enough to be able install it in the first place.

FREE VSTs Used by Dead Eddy since 2007

Chimera (6.5/10)

Chimera is a fantastic sounding, white noise modulated VST unlike anything I’ve ever encountered. Unfortunately it was built with SynthEdit 1.1 – which basically means it can be a bit unstable. I had to copy the installed VST once for each track I needed it. I do hoever think that the issue has been resolved.

I made this tune with Chimera in the end, but only after rendering out all my midi channels as flattened audio files and then doing sub-mixes in Adobe Audition (formerly Cool Edit Pro).

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