One Synth Challenge

There’s nothing better than a competition with a deadline to stop you from fiddling with VSTs and actually produce a tune. Once you’ve found a deadline panic sets in. It’s the starting that’s hard. I like KVRs One Synth Challenge* for several reasons.

  1. it’s open to all
  2. only one VST is allowed
  3. there’s a deadline every month (from 1st to 30th)

I created the following piece in 2010 using TAL Noisemaker. It’s FREE.

This was done using the very loose music-making technique shown here.

There’s almost no telling what style you’ll end up with, but if you want to get something done quickly or you want a showcase of tunes, or even if you just want to get over the inertia of starting, something – anything – a competition is a good rocket up the proverbial, and Lord knows, we musos need encouragement.

Visit the One Synth Challenge website.

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