Prime Directive

This is my second piece made for the KVR One Synth Challenge. I came 6th out of 12 for Waiting Room which I’m quite pleased about. KVR Audio is basically an unsigned musician’s forum and each month, members run a competition. We’re allowed to use one free synth to create a whole tune. The synth used here is Ugo’s Texture.

The tune was inspired by reading websites about alien abductions. The music is meant to be very synthetic and my aim was to emulate a small troupe of alien drones searching and scanning for humans. Once in a while they do horrific experiments and then keep moving on without compassion. When all humans of breeding age have been examined and semen extracted, their objective is complete and they can return to the mothership. It’s taken days to inject the horror and pain into this.

This track can be bought individually for US$1.50 or as part of the Mary Street Abduction EP (US$2.50).

2 thoughts on “Prime Directive

    • Thanks Andrew. Even though I’m fighting it, I’m trying the whole song structure ABBA thing that I found here. I figure – if one is going to be very experimental (Dead Eddy’s intention) it might be a good idea to copy a recognisable pop song structure so that people can relate to it without really knowing why. I’ve been flailing about without it for ages. At least I’m learning about repetition. I’m learning about sounds bumping into each other mostly – y’know moving things out of the way of a sound and the whole less is more thing. Glad you liked the track. 🙂

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